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Purchasing Policy

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Sales Policy

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Data Privacy Policy

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DPE Ethical Behaviour Policy

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DPE Quality Policy

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Environmental Policy


Supplier Quality Assurance (SQA) Standard Requirements

Equal Opportunities Policy

DP Engineering is committed to promoting equal treatment for all employees or job applicants.

Health and Safety Policy

DP Engineering complies with all regulatory and approved codes of practice regarding all health and safety issues which are practicable, within the working environment.


Recognise the need for, and the delivery of, proper health and safety training for all employees in the workplace pertaining to their job description .

Maintain clear communications for all health and safety guidance and good working practice.

Foster a company wide philosophy of health and safety responsibility.



"Going in to partnership with David Paull was an obvious step forward for us both; a chance to combine two distinct sets of skills to create a synergy for an emerging precision engineering company with great potential: the fact that we became friends was a great bonus."

David Proctor, retired CEO, DP Engineering